Sweet 16.0!

March is the month of college basketball. All across the country, basketball fans will be ranking the Sweet 16 teams and comparing brackets. As a company based just 30 minutes from the acclaimed home of college basketball, this spring we prepared our own Sweet 16 for our customers: America’s JobLink (AJL) 16.0!

The 16.0 release features a fully redesigned and improved job seeker registration experience. Both self-service and staff-assisted job seekers will see fewer questions and only the questions that are most relevant to their history or situation. Easier and faster registration means job seekers can get on their way to finding employment and training opportunities more quickly.

Some of the features we’re excited to introduce include:

  • Additional relevant questions display or are suppressed based on your answers. For example, if you select that Yes, it is hard for you to read, write, or understand English, an additional question displays asking what your native language is. Conversely, this also means that you don’t see questions that don’t apply to you.
  • Additional pages display or are suppressed based on your answers. For example, if you select that you are currently employed or not actively seeking work, you will not see pages about being a dislocated worker.
  • Many questions have been moved to the program enrollment process. If you just want to use AJL self-service features (such as the resume builder and job search), your registration process will be much shorter than before. Additional questions may be asked later if you are eligible for and decide to enroll in a workforce program for job search or training assistance.
  • Validation messages display immediately if you’ve missed a required field or given contradictory answers. Instead of waiting until you click Next to see what you might’ve missed or need to double-check, you see it in real time.
  • All questions have been reviewed and edited to improve readability. AJL registration questions help determine your eligibility for assistance through federal and state workforce programs, but that doesn’t mean they have to be written in “government-speak.” Questions are now easier to read and understand, reducing user fatigue and frustration.

Changes in 16.0Want to know more about the new registration process? Check out the JobLink User Guide: Creating an Account. (Staff can see updates in the ServiceLink User Guide through the Help link when logged into AJL.) And if you’re just as excited about college basketball’s Sweet 16 and you’re planning on coming to Kansas City for the AJLA Spring Meeting April 18 and 19, check out the College Basketball Experience in the Sprint Center—just a quick ride from the Marriott Country Club Plaza.